THE CONCEPT of the Europark Coevorden - Emlichheim
To relocate borders for the entrepreneurs

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The Europark is a large industrial estate on the Dutch-German border between Coevorden and Emlichheim, containing a harbour and a public railterminal.

What can the entrepreneur expect from the Europark? Answered shortly: the ingenious concept for ...
  • the formation of a business-chain in the bio-industry;
  • modern logistical prerequisites, with among others a multimodal terminal;
  • the elimination of the border-barriers: on the way to the borderless business.

  • The good connections by rail, road and water to the major economic centres in Europe, make the Europark to a strategic nodal point on the flow of goods between East and West v.v. An excellent location for companies that are dependent on logistic facilities and as well for companies that deliver 'value added logistics'.


  • Strategic position on the nodal point of channel, rail and roads
  • Lots for companies custom made, if desired even bigger than 50 ha
  • Lots can be provided with extra cable or a direct rail connection
  • Settlements of international companies which are specialized in logistics
  • Particularly suited for companies in the sectors food- and food-processing, logistics, agribusiness, electronic and assemblage-sector
  • Facilities for storage and transfer for bulk goods and containers
  • Industrial harbour, suitable for 1000 t ships
  • Shuttle Rotterdam-Coevorden: 4 x per week
  • Regularly train-transports to 23 different towns in Europe
  • German-Dutch organization
  • Pilot of the European Community: Europe without borders

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    Names, numbers and other facts about the Europark.

    Europark Coevorden - Emlichheim Development agency Ltd.
    Coevordenerstrasse 35, D-49824 Laar
    P.O. Box 89, NL-7740 AB Coevorden
    Phone 0049 (0) 5947 990190
    Fax 0049 (0) 5947 990192

    Municipality of Coevorden, The Netherlands
    Municipality of Emlichheim, Germany

    Supported by:
    Province of Drenthe
    District of Grafschaft Bentheim
    Federal estate Lower Saxony

    Financially supported by:
    European Community
    SNN (cooperation union North-Netherlands)
    Euregio (Interreg)
    Ems Dollart Regio

    The Netherlands: IPR, up to max. 20 percent of the investment.
    Germany: GA, up to max. 28 percent of the investment.

    A border crossing industrial estate, max. 350 ha
    Intermodal logistic facilities
    Value Added Logistics
    To stimulate the flow of goods east-west
    To venture without borders
    Chain-formation in the bio-industry

    Vallue Added Logistics:
    ... is, to add a supplemental value on goods, basic material and semi-manufactured products, e.g. assembling, processing, treating, packaging, distributing. Companies in these businesses are dependent on very good delivery and return conditions as well as on storage and transfer facilities. The Europark is for those companies for a settlement particularly suitable. Which branch of industries these are you can read under target groups.

    Target groups:
    The Europark is suitable for in particular large companies which need a lot of space and which are extremely dependent on good logistic facilities. The branches in which are acquired are:
  • Food and food-processing
  • Agro-business
  • Transport and logistics
  • Electronic
  • Assemblage

  • Lots:
    Unlimited extent.
    If desired 50 ha in one part or even more.
    Minimum extent is 2 ha
    For electronic min. 1 ha

    dependent on position and extra wishes, like a railroad connection or an extra fibre optic cable.
    Min.: about 17,00 /m, large parts on German territory.
    Max.: about 80,00 /m, by the harbour territory.

    From every lot is a railroad connection possible.
    From the railterminal trains are riding regularly to 23 different destinations in Europe.
    Distance to the A37 (Zwolle, Hoogeveen, Meppen-D) is only 10 minutes.
    Distance to the A31 (Hamburg, Bremen, Ruhr Basin) is only 20 minutes.
    Sailing time Rotterdam or Amsterdam Coevorden: about 18 hours (800 ton-ships).
    Telecommunication: fibre optic cable connection to the network of European Telecom connections.

    The Europark will be developed in steps, dependent on demand and economic circumstances. It will be max. 350 ha large. The different development phases are planned global:

    Phase 1 up to 2004: Development infrastructure 150 ha. Dutch territory, building railterminal and industrial harbour, first opening road across the border to the B403 will be ready.

    Phase 2 about 2006: Infrastructure and parcelling of 90 ha. German territory, extension railterminal, second opening road harbour-B403, development service-centre.

    Phase 3 about 2008: Infrastructure and parcelling of 70 ha. German territory, second opening road to the B403.

    Phase 4 about 2010: Infrastructure and parcelling of 40 ha. Partly German territory.

    Labour market:
    The development company Europark Ltd. supports advertising and indoctrinating of personnel from the here settled companies.

  • Harbour Amsterdam
  • Town Brest, Belarus
  • CCTST: International assemble transport east-west carriage of goods by train through Asia and Europe
  • NOM (development and industrial promotion North-Netherlands)
  • NILEG (industrial promotion federal estate of Lower Saxony)

  • The development
    of a business-chain
    in the bio-industry

    The Europark is a suitable location for the bio-industry. This can vary from companies, that produce biofuel, up to companies, which produce high-quality food-additives, but also for example research institutes for the agrarbusiness or food companies.
    From examinations, it follows that this bio-industry is suitable for a chain-formation, that is several businesses companies together, that work close among each other and obtain many advantages from this cooperation. They can save a lot of money for the waste processing, logistics and energy if they work together. This is also a profit for the environment, for example if the waste product from one company is a basic material for another one or if the flow of goods can be bundled. It seems, for example, that the rest cake of the production of biofuel is real good basic material for cattle feed.
    Furthermore, the cooperation of the businesses leads to economic stability. Summarized: chain-formation in the bio-industry is a way of creative and persistently undertaking. Well for the business, well for the environment, well for the economy.
    The Europark Ltd. wants to realize such a chain of companies in the bio-industry. Here, it works together with authorities of the province and interested companies. The Europark Ltd. coordinates the development of this concept and the inquiry of subsidies, that are available specifically for this.
    In this chain-concept, for the bio-industry energy in form of process heat and electricity is very important for the production-process. Reduction of costs has a high priority in these companies. It is possible to realize savings with energy costs, if a common energy-supply in the park will be build. For instants a common power station added with forms of alternative energy supply like wind-energy or biogas. Another common energy-supply would be a management-system for the exchange of process heat. Expenses-savings up to 50% are possible!

    This schedule shows how the chain in the bio-industry can be establish. The schedule can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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