The Europark Ltd. delivers tailor-made work. Entrepreneurs who establish facilities on the Europark can count upon:
  • tailor-made lots, if necessary more than 50 hectares
  • if required extra facilities, such as cables and/or a railway connection
  • very competitive ground prices
  • full cooperation and support from both municipalities
  • maximum investment subsidy by the government
  • full guidance through the permits and subsidy application process
  • extensive information about soil and ground water

    Spacious and landscapable
    Large lots, for example 50 hectares or more. These are scarce. If requested, this much space is available on the Europark Coevorden - Emlichheim immediately... an industrial estate where durability in power and water consumption and landscape (conservation of old trees) are high issues.
    Also the housing and living climate breath space. A rural area with a lot of beautiful scenery. See also the impression brochure from the Europark in pdf.

    See our interactive map!

    Ground prices
    The prices are market-conform and dependent on position, quality and possible agreements about (extra) infrastructure. Besides different ground prices hold for the Dutch or German side of the Europark, because the governments on both sides of the border still handle different systems for the attribution of development costs. On the Dutch part the maximum price is approximately 65 m/2 (harbour area) and the minimum price is approximately 40/m2. The price for ground on the German part is 18,50/m2.

    Companies to establish on the Europark can lay claim to a maximum investment subsidy. Moreover there are various specific stimulation regulations. Europark Ltd. can give further information to you and, if desired, guide you through the subsidy application process.
    On the Dutch side the Investment Premium Regulation (IPR) is applicable. The IPR subsidizes up to 20 percent of the company investment. The NOM (development organization for the economy in the Northern-Netherlands) coordinates and advises the subsidy application process. The administrative co-operation body of the Northern Netherlands (SNN) is the decision-taking authority. Further information:
    On the German side of the Europark the GA (Gemeinschaftsaufgabe or Regional development aid program) subsidy system applies to corporate investments. The objective of the regulation is to improve the regional economic structure and to stimulate employment. A maximum of 28% of the investment costs may be subsidized. The investment bank of the federal estate of lower paxony, the NBank, coordinates the application process. Further information:

    Soil and water
    Soil conditions, ground- and surface water are all factors which may play an important role in the establishment of a company. Europark Ltd. has detailed information available in this regard.
    The soil and water data vary in the large area covered by the Europark. Several general indications of these data are shown below:
  • Soil: primarily sandy soil
  • Load-bearing capacity of the soil: variable
  • Process water: source on location
  • Ground water depth: variable ( 0.5-1.50 m)
  • Water quality: pure and soft
  • Water purification: facility located at a distance of approx. 2.5 km.

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