The organization of the Europark Coevorden – Emlichheim

The Europark will be realized step by step. It is planned, to realize a large industrial estate with all its logistic facilities in 4 several phases. The development goes from the North to the South. The project started in 1997 on Coevorden area and should be finished in the German Laarwald (municipality of Emlichheim) in a few years.

The development of this border crossing industrial estate remains in the hands of the Europark Coevorden - Emlichheim development company GmbH, a co-operation between the Dutch municipality of Coevorden and the German municipality of Emlichheim.

The development company is responsible for the purchase of parcels, the development of infrastructure, the promotion and public relations for this industrial area, the company acquisition and for the parcelling as well as for the sale of the parcels.

The Europark is liable to a German form of organization: GmbH. This can be compared with a “PLC”.
The Europark GmbH consists of:
  • Director
  • Daily business
  • Secretariat
  • Marketing and PR
  • Supervisory board
  • Stockholders’ meeting

    Connected with the Europark:
  • Parity council
  • Partner and business relationships (addresses and telephone numbers)

    Development planning:
  • Four more years’ phases

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